Thiruvalam – Vilwanatheswarar temple

This temple is located is the town of Vellore/Katpadi with a large Nandi facing away from the shrine. This town was known as Teekaali Vallam and the waters of the Ponnai were once known for their healing powers. Tiruvallam is referred to as a Muktistalam. The Ambal shrine is said to be of great significance here. This is the 10th of the 32 Devara Stalams in the Thondai Naadu

Valam in Tamil means circumambulation.  This is the place where Lord Vinayaka established the truth that ‘world’ means Father and Mother and ‘Father and Mother’ mean world.  He went around his divine parents to show this truth.  As He did the Valam here, the place came to known as Tiruvalam and changed as Tiruvallam.  Lord Vinayaka got the mango fruit from Lord Shiva this way and is praised as Kani (fruit) Vangia (getting) Pillayar (Vinayaka).


IMG_2005 IMG_2006 IMG_2008 IMG_2009

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