Thirupanangadu – Thalapureeswarar Temple

Thirupanangadu is located near Kanciupuram.

The temple is praised by saint Sundarar in his Thevaram hymns. This is the 19th Shiva Temple in Thondaimandalam region praised in Thevaram hymns.

There are two presiding deities, Thalapureeswarar (Panangattu Easwarar) and Krubapureeswarar in the temple. The Dwarapalakas (securities) in Krubapureeswarar shrine are standing on a lotus shaped peeta. A Nandhi on Sun God, a crescent moon on Moon himself, Aiyappan on elephant appear different from traditional forms.

Saint Sundarar was on his way to this place from Kancheepuram.  When it was midday, he and his followers were hungry and became tired.  Lord Shiva came there as an old man and served them food.  Sundarar asked him for water.  The old man said that he and his men would have it and moved.  A spring came up there with sweet water.  When Sundarar asked him who he was, the old man simply disappeared saying he was a resident of Panangadu who earlier stopped his marriage.  Sundarar, with the privilege of a friend sang in praise of the Lord in funny words.  The spring created by the Lord is a little away from the temple.  It never goes dry.  Special pujas are performed here as “Kattamudhu” during the Brahmmotsavam festival.

There are two sacred palm trees, one male and the other female.  While Sage Agasthya installed Thalapureeswarar, his disciple Pulasthya installed another one nearby named Krubapureeswarar on a square peeta.  Both are revered as the presiding deities as one Shiva.  Thalapureeswarar, worshipped by sage Agsthya is worshipped as the first and prominent deity.  The main entrance is opposite Krubapureeswarar shrine.  Both are under Gajabrushta vimana – roof above the sanctum sanctorum.  On the wall of Thalapureeswarar sanctum are Lingodhbava, Mother Durga.  Lord Vishnu is behind the sanctum of Lord Krubapureeswarar with Chandikeswara on the left.  There is only one Palli room.  Mother-Goddesses for the Lords are in separate shrines facing south.  Mother Amirthavalli is slightly taller than Mother Krubapuri Ambal.


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