Theerthanagiri -Sivakozhundeeshwarar Temple

Theerthanagiri Sivakozhundeeshwarar Temple is located in-between Cuddalore to Chidambaram. It is 27 km from Cuddalore and 26 km from Chidambaram.

Saint Sundarar had praised the Lord of the temple in his Thevram hymns. This is the 5th Shiva temple praised in the Thevaram hymns in Nadunaadu region.

Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahmma appear worshipping Lord Shiva behind the Lingodhbava in the goshta wall.  Niruddha Vinayaka graces in a sculpture on the pillar.  Four Bhoodha Ganas are nearby worshipping Lord Vinayaka.  The Kondrai tree where Lord Shiva had His food is in the prakara.  Main Vinayaka of the temple is Lord Valampuri Vinayaka.  The 3 tier Rajagopuram is facing east.

There lived a farmer couple in this region in olden days.  They had the habit of taking their food only after feeding a Shiva devotee.  To test their faith, Lord Shiva did not give them any devotee one day.  The couple went to their field with the intention of feeding their workers.  They were also absent.  Yet they waited.  Finally, a ripe old man came to the place.  The couple requested the old man to accept their hospitality.  The man replied that he would not accept the food free but would have it as a wage for a work he can do for them.  The farmer asked him to plough his land.  Meantime, the couple went home and returned with the food.  They were surprised that the crop had grown and was ready for harvest.  The farmer served the food to old man near the Kondrai tree and asked him how the crop grew so fast.  The old man disappeared.  Lord appeared before the farmer and said He only came in disguise.  The farmer begged the Lord to stay in the place.  Lord granted his wish, stayed here as a swayambulinga.






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