Aridhuvaramangalam – Sri Bathaleshwarar Temple

Aridhuvaramangalam Bathaleshwarar Temple is located near Kumbakonam.

One of the 275 padal petra Shiva Stalams!

You can reach this temple from aAlangudi and next to this temple avaLivanalloor thaevaara temple!

A contest arose between Lord Brahmma and Vishnu to establish their superiority over the other.  It was agreed that the one finding first the feet and/or head of Lord Shiva would be the winner.  Brahmma rode on His Swan vahan towards the head of the Lord Shiva but could not.  Incidentally, the Thazhampoo (a flower) was falling down from the head of Lord Shiva.  Lord Brahmma asked the flower to say that He found and worshipped the head of Shiva.  The flower too agreed to the false deal.  Lord Shiva condemned the false deal of both and disqualified Thazhampoo for use in Puajas and that there would be no temple on Earth for Brahmma.  Lord Vishnu took the form of a swine, dug the earth to reach the feet of Shiva but failed.  Lord Vishnu honestly admitted His defeat.  Thus the place was named Hari – Vishnu, dwara-making pit, Mangalam-auspicious place – Haridwaramangalam.







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