Thiruninriyur – Sri Lakshmipureeswarar Temple

Thiruninriyur is located 6 kms from Vaitheeswaran Koil near Mayiladuthurai.

The main deity is Lakshmipureeswarar and his consort is Ulaganayaki. Lakshmi and Vishnu have worshipped Lord Shiva here. Lakshmi was granted the boon of winning Vishnu’s heart, hence the name Lakshmipureeswarar.

A Chola king used to worship Lord Nataraja in Chidambaram each day.  When he crossed the place once, the wick of the lamp extinguished.  They could not light it despite repeated efforts.  It began to burn automatically when they crossed the place.  This happened every day.  He could not find the reason.  He enquired a shepherd in the place whether anything strange occurs in the place.  He told the king that there was a Shivalinga in the place pouring milk.  Finding the information true, the king wanted to raise a temple for Lord Shiva in another place and tried to take it out but it began to bleed.  The king built the temple in the same place on Anuradha star day.

The place is called Tirinindriyur as the wick stopped burning (Tiri-wick) and also as Tirunindravur as Mother Mahalakshmi (Tiru-Mahalakshmi) worshipped here.  In the Navagraha shrine (9 planets) Sun and Moon are facing each other, a different form in this temple.  People pray here on New Moon days for the salvation of their departed ancestors.

There is an axe cut scar on the Shivalinga.  Parasurama Linga is in the prakara worshipped by Sage Parasurama.  Lord Jamadagneeswarar graces in the form of a small Shivalinga with Parikeswarar Linga in a bigger size nearby.  Sage Jamadagni is the father of Sage Parasurama.  There is also a shrine for Lord Vishnu.

There are three tanks around the temple as a garland.  Saint Samabandar has mentioned the sacred spring of the temple as Neelamalar Poigai – Blue flower tank.  He has also mentioned in the hymn that those pray here will be free of sins and fear.  Those born of Anusha-Anuradha star pray here often or on the star day or on their birth days.  They also pray on their wedding days, Dwadasi day (12thday from New or Full Moon day) or on Varalashmi festival days.  They cover Lord Shiva with sandal paste and decorate with Madula fruit pearls seeking a happy future.

The shrine is praised by Saivite Saints Sambandar and Appar.  Though every one irrespective of their birth star pray in the temple seeking remedy from adverse planetary aspects, those born in Anuradha star attach more importance to the temple.










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