Thiruchotruthurai – Sri Odhanavaneswarar Temple

Thiruchotruthurai is located near Thiruvaiyaaru.

Main deities: Sri Odhanavaneswarar, Oppillachelvar, Chottru Thurai Nather, Tholaya Selva nathar with Sri Annapoorani ambal, Oppilla Ammai
Gowthama, Indhra and Surya worshiped Shiva.
Shiva and Ambal are said to have provided a number of devotees with food, with rice that grew in the paddy fields closeby and gained the name Annam Padaitta Vayal. Shiva is also referred to as “Sorudaiyan”, and this shrine Annavatarastalam.
Sambandar, Appar and Sundarar composed the Pathigam.
Arunagirinathar has sung Thirupugazh on Lord Muruga of this place.

The temple is a big one and maintained well.
During “Sapthasthana festival, Lord Panchanatheeswara visits this place around noon. The devotees who follow the palanquin are fed here.



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