Thiruvisainallur – Sivayoginathar Temple

Sivayoginathar Temple also known as Yoganandeswarar temple is located in Thiruvisanallur in Kumbakonam.

The Sivayoginathar Temple is believed to be built at the spot where eight Siva yogis attained salvation and merged with the lingam. The shrine dedicated to Chatur Kala, four Bhairavas is famous here. The temple has a 5 tier rajagopuram with a large temple complex. The temple was erected during the Parantaka I reign 907-955 A.D. The sanctum is akin to Vaprabandha type with Arthapadma, a feature not mentioned in Vastu Shastra texts. The beautiful large vyalas in the prathimukha are among the most powerfully conceived of their kind. It is of modest proportions and consists of the sanctuary and its attached mandapam(hall). The two cover a total length of 15.3m, with its vimana measuring about 15.3m. The mandapam is a hall of 4 central pillars, and a vestibule provided at its back, leading to the sanctum, which is a square chamber of 3.7m. The lion motif is absent in the pillars though it reappeared in friezes where ever suited. The pillars in the interior are typical of Chola art. The usual deities are enshrined in the central niches outside the wall of the sanctum.









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