Thiruvedhikudi -Sri Vedhapureeswarar Temple

Thiruvedhikudi is located near Thiruvaiyaaru.

The temple is revered by the hymns of 7th century Tamil saint poets, Appar and Samandhar. The temple lies on Kudamurutti river. God was emanating from banana tank and hence called Vazhaimadu nathar. Lingam here is called Vedapuriswarar.

The Pranava manthra “OM” came here and worshiped Lord Shiva, where ever the Pranavam goes the Vedha will follow, hence Pranava manthra “OM” consider to be the peak in Vedhas, because all Vedhas worshiped the lord here, this place is called as Vedhikudi. This is the place where Lord Shiva collected Vethiar (priest) for Nandhi’s Marriage.

This one of the Saptha sthana Sthalam, this is Third in order. Lord Brahma is said to have worshiped Lord Shiva at this Sthalam (place). Sun’s rays fall on the Sivalingam at sunrise on 13th, 14th and 15th day of Tamil month Panguni every year. It is believed that Sun god Sooriyan performs pooja during these 3 days to Lord Shiva at this sthalam.

The temple has a 3 tier Rajagopuram, one prakara with Listening Vinayaka (Sevi Saitha Vinayaka). 108 Shivalinga, Lords Subramania, Dakshinamurthy, Arthanareeswara, Nataraja, Mothers Durga and Mahalakshmi and Sapthasthana Linga shrines are in the inner prakara.
There are also epigraphic evidences about the history of the temple belonging to Rajakesari Varman and Koparakesari Varman period.  The name of the Lord is shown as Tiruvedhikudi Mahadevar, Parakesari Chaturvedi Mangala Mahadevar.  As Lord appeared from the plantain (Vazhai) field, He is also praised as Vazhaimadu Nathar.  Pallava kings too had done renovations to the temple.

Saint Tirugnanasambandar had sung the glory of Lord in all his hymns.  In his pathigam (10 verses) worshipping the Lord of the temple, in the seventh verse, he mentions His mercy on those aspiring an auspicious wedding.
Generally, the Arthanareeswara form of Lord Shiva has Shakti on the left.  But with a view to give importance to womanhood, Lord is on the left and Mother on the right in the Arthanareeswara form in this Tiruvedhikudi temple.
As Lord Brahmma (Vedhi) worshipped Lord Shiva here, the place is named Tiruvedhikudi.  Those worshipping Lord Vedapureeswarar will become scholars in Vedas.  The four Vedas – Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharva – had worshipped Lord in this temple.  Lord Vinayaka, enjoying the sound of the Vedas, listened to the recitation by leaning His ears with all attention.  He thus assumed the name Veda Pillayar.  As many scholars well versed in Vedas live here, the place was also once known as Chaturvedi Mangalam.


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