Aachchaalpuram – Sivalogathyagesar Temple

Aachchaalpuram is located between Chidambaram and Sirkali. This temple is located  about 20 km from Chidambaram and about 5 Kms from Kollidam.

Sirkali occupies a place of pride in the religious map of Tamilnadu as the birth place of Saint Tirugnana Sambandar who ably restored the Vedic glory and supremacy of Saivism against the massive assault of other faiths.  It also has the added reputation of the Saint merging with Shiva Jyoti with all the devotees gathered there for his wedding at Achalpuram.  Noted poet Sekkizhar shows the Saint in his celebrated epic Periapuranam as one small in physical stature but a mount in wisdom.  As Achal-Mother, personally attended the wedding of the saint and offered the Vibhuti Prasad to the gusts, She is praised as Tiruvennetru Umai Ammai.  The place came to be known as Achalpuram.


The temple is praised by Saint Tirugnana Sambandar in his Thevaram hymns.

The marriage of Tirugnanasambandar with Sthothra Poornambikai was held at this Shivasthalam. Goddess Parvati hereself personally invited all the guests who came to attend the marriage. There is a separate shrine for Sambandar and his wife inside the temple.

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