Thiruvidaimaruthur – Sri Mahalinga Swamy Temple

Thiruvidaimarudur Mahalinga Swamy Temple is one of the Panchakrosha Sthalas. located about 9 km from Kumbakonam. This temple is mind blogging and i recommend everyone to visit atleast once in their lifetime.

Usually, a temple will have a Linga in the sanctum and Parivara Devatas in the temple around. It is a peculiar feature in this temple that the Parivara Devatas are around this temple.

Moola Linga Sthalam: According to the rules of temple structure, Lord Mahalinga Swamy remains as the central Prime Deity in this temple,  amidst the temples and surrounded by deities. They are are: Tiruvalanchuzhi-Vinayakar, Swamimalai-Murugan, Sejnalur-Chandeswarar, Sooriyanarkoil-Sooriyan and other nine planets, Chidambaram-Natarajar, Sirkaali-Bhairavar, and Thiruvavaduthurai-Tirunandhi.  This is a very significant feature.

Murti(Deity) Place
Vinayaka Thiruvalanchuzhi thiruvidaimarudur maruda tree
Muruga Swamimalai
Nataraja Chidambaram
Surya(Navagraha) Aduthurai
Dakshinamurti Alangudi
Bairavar Sirkazhi
Nandi Thiruvavaduthurai
Somaskantha Thiruvarur
Chandeeswara Thiruvoypadi


The Sacred Place where Lord Mahalinga worshipped himself.

The Nandhi in the Temple is one of the largest.

The Lord of this holy place graces us as ‘swayambu moorthi’

Thiruvitaimaruthur Mookambigai of this place is very famous

Tiruvidaimarudur is the birthplace of the Hindu Saint Pattinathar











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